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Building Data from Generated Data

jkruegerjkrueger Posts: 5
edited February 10, 2015 10:03AM in SQL Data Generator
I need to create data that is based on combinations of other generated columns. For example:

3 generated fields:
Field1 = "ABC"
Field2 = "XYZ"
Field3 = "123"

2 fields based on the above:
Field4 = "ABCXYZ" (Field1 + Field2)
Field5 = "XYZ123" (Field2 + Field3)

When I try to do this using a Python script for Field4 and Field5 I recieve an error that "The Value '' cannot be inserted" even though the destination field allows NULLs. What is the best way to accomplish this?



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    I've been in touch with Red Gate Support who have stated this is a known issue with the suggestion of generating fewer rows. I've had some success in converting Python scripts to simple expressions instead.
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