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Source Control for Oracle Git Beta

richardjmrichardjm Posts: 598
edited May 26, 2015 6:50AM in Source Control for Oracle
We've been hard at work (sorry for the non-responsiveness) getting the Git Beta up to scratch and we're really happy with it so we'd love you to tell us how you feel about it.

Git/Working folder support is now in the main product - you can download it from the main website

Release notes:
  • Working folder "source control" system added. This links a folder on disk to Source Control for Oracle allowing full control of source control operation via any external tool
  • Git can now link to a completely empty repo
  • Git can now link to the root folder even if that contains any or all of Readme.md, .gitignore and .gitattributes
  • Faster linking to git as we now perform one clone to a temporary location and subsequent "clones" are copies of that initial clone - this is cleared up on process exit
  • If git authentication failed the user was never prompted to re-enter credentials
  • During linking there is now documentation on how to use a github "personal access token" when you have two-factor authentication turned on
  • String literals with different newlines are now no longer different after committing to git (git by default "fixes" newlines to be consistent so now r
    is equivalent to
  • Forced garbage collection to reduce memory usage, this would appear as an apparent memory leak using the tool
  • Selecting "Select referenced objects" now much quicker
  • Speed of UI now faster for large schemas when locking was enabled
  • Dendencies calculation now happens on a background thread allowing much faster selecting objects
  • Selecting all on lockable objects now much faster
  • Linking to Subversion is now faster
  • Advanced search boxes on "Get latest", "Check in" and "Lockables"
Previously a search term would match either the schema name or the object name now the search box is a space separated series of terms

Just a string in the owner or object name

Multiple - contains both test AND view
test view


Positive (default)

Terms - does the value in the column contain the given word
locked: =returns all locked objects by anyone
locked:(me) =just your own locked objects

And any combination of the above
type:view -type:log test schema:hr
= views or materialized views but not materialized view logs in schemas containing hr with names containing test

Please note that the final release with Git support will be v3 of Source Control for Oracle. To make sure you are entitled to get it for free please ensure your "Support & upgrades" are up-to-date http://www.red-gate.com/Dynamic/account/Serials

More bug fixes merged into Git Beta release that will also be released in the upcoming release of Source Control for Oracle
  • Grants no longer occassionally created before objects when scripting changes (OC-615)
  • Passwords with special characters now escaped correctly (OSC-461)
  • Number of objects selected is now correct (OSC-450)
  • Possible fix for null object during population (OC-699)
  • Speed of UI is now much quicker on all source control tabs when dealing with many thousands of objects
Richard Mitchell
Project Manager
Red Gate Software Ltd


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    using an empty git repo ( just git init)
    on step 5:summary I get an error : can't pass null to parameter commit
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    OK that has failed for me too. Looks like something may have changed last minute before the release to break it or perhaps git init doesn't do the creation in the same way as git extensions init which is what I normally test with.

    We do have integration tests around this so it's concerning that they didn't pick up an issue either.

    I've found your bug report too which helps a lot - thanks.
    Richard Mitchell
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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    OK I've discovered the issue, the local repo needs to be bare as we push to it.

    So in order to initialize a repo locally you would need to run...
    git init --bare

    (I'll fix up the rubbish error message)
    Richard Mitchell
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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    Not working for me. Trying to check if your system is what we need, but I cannot even get past repository creation with git.
    If I try clean remote gitorious repo over http it says
    "parameter cannot be null : commit"
    If I try local folder, even when it has bee created with --bare it says that it cant use that and that it should be init'd with --bare (I checked multiple times - it was)
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    Can you try the latest release from the main website - we've since fully released git support with a few fixes - I'll update the link in the original post.

    It should be able to clone from a remote https repo, we've only tested on github and bitbucket though.
    Richard Mitchell
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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    I was using the latest version.

    Updating my question:
    1)I have since been able to make local repo work. The folder, when created in "my documents" instead of c: works with git init --bare so maybe its some permissions problem
    2) I cannot clone via https because your app says that "user cancelled certificate check", only http is possible and this fails later with the message I posted above.This might be related to the problem that we do not have valid ssl certificate on our gitorious installation, but that should really not be a problem, right?

    P.S. My colleague asks - will you be supporting uploading jobs to git and wrapped package compare?

    P.P.S. I do not see any way to create a branch in the GUI, only select one. Weird
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