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Committing issues

Brian.LiebBrian.Lieb Posts: 29 New member
edited February 4, 2015 11:51AM in Source Control for Oracle
So, I have a source control project. I launch Source Control for Oracle and it indicates that the project has 1 chagne to check-in.

When I go to the check-in screen, and look at the item, the 'diff' screen at the bottom does not have any differences.

When I add a comment and try to check it in it fails in the Sending Files to Source Control Server with the error "Nothing to Commit".

Is this a known bug or am I missing something?


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    Brian.LiebBrian.Lieb Posts: 29 New member
    Follow up:

    I removed the offending table from the repository using TortoiseSVN.

    When I launched Source Control for Oracle, it noticed. I chose the Database Version as the correct version to commit.

    I committed it.


    The Project still shows one difference, but not the diff, and I cannot commit again.
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    Can you provide a script of the offending object?

    Also if you compare using Schema Compare for Oracle with logging turned on the sco_comparison.log file will give the logical reason for the difference which may help work out what's going on.
    http://documentation.red-gate.com/displ ... +log+files
    Richard Mitchell
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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    Brian.LiebBrian.Lieb Posts: 29 New member

    Thanks for your input. I will definitely keep this in mind for next time.

    The fix with some background.

    As you can probably tell from the above two messages, this database was a development database that I was making changes to before committing to the repository.

    As I mentioned, Source Control saw a difference between the source database and the repository. After the initial commit, no matter how many more times I committed that change, I kept getting the error "Nothing to commit" even though the Oracle Source Control kept showing there was something to commit.

    So, after reading your message, I realized that I had not used Schema Compare directly, so I checked the repository out to my hard drive using TortoiseSVN.

    I then compared the Scripts folder that was made from the checkout to my development database, where it found a difference (again, the diff screen showed no differences).

    I deployed that change from schema compare, it dropped and recreated a unique index (with the exact same name and columns).

    After the deploy, Schema Compare showed there were no differences between the scripts folder and the database.

    I refreshed Oracle Source Control, and it too saw nothing to commit.

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