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How can I create a filter file if I don't have source control for Oracle?

Is it possible to manually create a filter file?



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    Hi, thank you for your forum post.

    The Object Filter feature now available in Source Control for Oracle is a recent addition to the product. Unfortunately it is not yet available in Schema Compare for Oracle where you can generate a filter file and save it. However there are plans to introduce this feature in a future version of Schema Compare for Oracle, as this User Voice Forum ARTICLE. Please do vote and comment on the User Voice article.

    The only work around I can suggest, is to set the comparison via the Schema Compare for Oracle UI, review the comparison results and then filter out the unwanted objects. Save the project file and use the created project file in your command line comparison.

    Many Thanks
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  • Eddie, thanks for your response. I've voted on the link you provided.

    In the project itself I do have the Indexes object type unchecked in the 'filter setup' pane. However, when I run the comparison using this project from the command line I the indexes are output in the comparison report??
  • Hi, any update on this please?
  • The object type exclusion isn't actually part of the project file (I'll be making changes in the future so that it is).

    In the very latest version you can use a filter file /filter:<filterfile.scpf> (currently only generated by Source Control for Oracle, but it's a simple XML file so nothing too onerous) to exclude object types and object names based on substrings. ... mmand+line

    The filter in Source Control for Oracle is much more powerful and it's this that I plan on extending and back-porting into both Schema Compare and Data Compare in the future.
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  • We are using the filter option like here, but it is not working:

    sco.exe /project:./Local_vs_Ref.ocp /scriptfile:"./Deploy/temp/Local_vs_Ref_Changes.sql" /report:"./Deploy/temp/Reports/Local_vs_Ref.html" /reporttype:Interactive /filter:"./Filter.scpf"

    The filter file looks like:
    &lt;?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?&gt;
    &lt;Filter version="1" type="Filter"&gt;
    	&lt;exclude type="ExcludeList" version="2" /&gt;
    	&lt;includeContaining /&gt;

    The generated script file includes type with exclude string.

    Any hints?
  • Can I check which version you're using - the latest is I think we started supporting filter files when generating reports fairly recently.

    Having a read through the code it all seems in order.
    Richard Mitchell
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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