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Class names differ in case only

Chris KushnirChris Kushnir Posts: 2
edited January 27, 2015 11:23AM in .NET Reflector Previous Versions
I downloaded the trial and it looks promising, however I ran into an issue. One of the 3rd party dll's I tested has two classes with the same name but different case e.g. AbClass and ABClass. Reflector is allowing me to browse both classes, but when it decompiles for debugging only generates a source file for the first found (AbClass). This results in showing the line in the AbClass source file when trying to jump to a line in the call stack for ABClass.

The work-around is to use Reflector desktop to decompile the second class only (ABClass), adjust the file name, insert the comment line at start of file like other files in cache, and copy to the cache after renaming the existing. In the work-around class file, a couple of the line numbers seemed off by 1, but others seemed correct (multiple methods on the call stack were for same class).


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