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Command-line compare using project file

Dan GuzmanDan Guzman Posts: 20
edited April 7, 2015 10:50AM in SQL Data Compare 11
I have a large and complex data compare project. Is there a way to use this project file directly from the command-line, or do I need to create a functionally identical XML file for this purpose?




  • Hi Dan,

    You can use your project file from the command line by using the /Project switch and doing something similar to the following...
    sqldatacompare.exe /Project:"C:SQLCompareProjectsWidgets.scp"
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  • I guess it's time for new eyeglasses. I looked through the documentation and somehow missed that switch.


  • mtm_kingmtm_king Posts: 1 New member
    I know I need glasses because I cannot figure out where sql script file goes.

    I know /Export will create a csv file, but in the above example where is sql script file that will do the synchronizing?

  • sqldatacompare.exe /?
    will describe the command line syntax. You can add /verbose for more detail.

    To generate a SQL synchronization script, use
    sqldatacompare.exe /scriptfile:<destination_file_path>

    Or to actually run the synchronization, use
    sqldatacompare.exe /synchronize

    Obviously you'll need to combine these arguments with the project file or source and target database arguments.
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