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I am trialling ANTS Performance Profiler 9 and am running it over some source code I have 'inherited'. I am looking to see the order that methods are called in but the profiler the call tree seems to be sorted by Time with children. Can I configure the profiler to show the tree in call order ?



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    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for your post!

    Regarding your query, I'm sorry to say ANTS will only sort your method calls in order of how long they take to execute, but never chronologically. (ANTS is meant to show you the performance of each method rather than to be used more as a debugging/tracing tool.)

    However, you might find it useful to select a smaller region on the timeline to focus on a shorter period of time. The main window will then update to just show the method calls that occurred at that point. I hope that might help!

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