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Document All objects - command line support.

dmckinneydmckinney Posts: 12
edited October 2, 2008 6:50AM in SQL Doc Previous Versions
I'd like to use the command line option to periodically redocument databases. I note however that the objects to be documented are explicitly listed in the .sqldoc xml document. (I'm not sure then what the exclusion list is for??)

My question regards new objects that may be created in the database. It looks to me like these wont be picked up, unless I recreate my project via the UI.

Is this the case, or have I missed something?

David McKinney


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    I've just done a very quick test on adding a new table and regenerating documentation via the command line and the new table was included without opening the UI. It looks like this will work as your require, picking up any changes and including them in the documentation.

    Have you experienced problems around this area?


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