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Problem: Tables Identified Different When They Are Not

bkolundzicbkolundzic Posts: 3 Bronze 2
edited January 19, 2015 12:10PM in SQL Compare 11
After installing SQL Compare 11, I ran V 10 and v 11 side by side for the same databases. The older version shows 41 tables being different, the new version shows 500.

Both projects have:
  • Same filters
  • Same project options set
  • Access same servers
  • Compare same databases
  • Use case sensitive object definition unchecked
  • Group by option set to Type of difference

The comparison on the new version:
  • Seems to have issue with the table comparisons
  • Seems to work comparing procedures, views, functions
  • Groups false differences under the group for different objects
  • Shows no differences and has no differences highlighted in the difference detail screen for majority of the tables appearing in the different object group
  • Seems to compare tables correctly when their schema names have identical casing
  • Seems to report tables as different when one schema name is uppercase and the other one has a title casing

I would appreciate any suggestion how to get around this issue. At the moment, I have to continue using V 10 until V11 remedy is available.



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    Hello Branko,

    This issue has been recorded as a bug in JIRA # SC-7719. The deployment script generated does not actually make any changes just the results page is displaying incorrectly. I will let you know of updates to the bug and an ETA on a fix when one is available, thanks.
    Allen LeVan
    Red Gate Software
    US Product Support
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