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Excluding objects from source code project object list

armplinkerarmplinker Posts: 21
edited January 12, 2015 9:57AM in Source Control for Oracle
Entered as a suggestion here http://redgate.uservoice.com/forums/174014-oracle-tools/suggestions/6788932-include-support-for-ignoring-ignored-items-in-subv
The screenshot here is where I would like to be able to mark objects to exclude from future source control processing..


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    Thanks for the suggestion at the moment. It's not something we're not likely to get in soon as first we want to port the filtering mechanism back into Schema Compare and Data Compare and then add a LIKE facility to it.

    I'm slightly worried that allowing this would soon overwhelm our simple comma separated list of objects to ignore the current implementation.
    Richard Mitchell
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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