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Hello -
I'm working with v3 extensively for the first time today. In v2, you were able to make edits to multiple fields via a popup dialog box. This allowed for the save operation to be issued just once for multiple fields (I have about 60-70 to document). In this version, I have to save every field one by one, which is taking a lot more time. Is there some way to save all the field description changes at once? If not, can that be added as a feature request?? Right now it is like trying to type out the novel and having to issue a save each and every sentence. Thanks.


  • Hello John,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    Currently you cannot save all of the field descriptions simultaneously, I have added it as feature request number SDOC-1652 so it is up to the project managers to triage it appropriately.

    Please reach out to me if you would like an update, or have any questions.

    Andrew Pierce

    Product Support Engineer- Redgate
    Andrew Pierce
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