Schema Comparison HTML reports too big

gahujagahuja Posts: 33
edited December 17, 2014 5:59AM in Schema Compare for Oracle

I' doing schema compairson and sending the report and deployment script in scheduled jobs to the developers,but the size of few HTML reports is going even to 120MB,even after zipping the size is too high
os there any option to reduce the size,remove the additional information which is not required from the reports/scripts

e.e.g in HTML reports I see the scripts of all the objects - is it possible to remove the scripts from HTMLreports -

I'm using below command to get the comparison

sco32.exe -source star_ro_user/[email protected]{PRESENTATION} -target star_ro_user/[email protected]{PRESENTATION} /ignore wcmonxgvlmvs /report:"M:
edtestRedgateReportsReport_QNYB3R70_DNYB3RD10_PRESENTATION.html" -reporttype:Simple /script-file "M:
edtestRedgateReportsScript_QNYB3R70_DNYB3RD10_PRESENTATION.sql" /ignore q -behavior script-header -behavior define-off


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