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I'm interested to know what the recommended way would be to set up SQL Lighthouse in my situation: Our application spans several databases and all of these databases exist in each environment (development, testing, production). When I set the databases up within a single SQL Lighthouse environment it seems to want to compare them (which I don't need to do) -- I do wish to compare them across environments, however.

Any guidance you can offer would be most appreciated.


  • Hi Mike,

    Sorry it's taken so long to reply. In SQL Lighthouse, a project contains one database in different stages of its lifecycle (eg in development, testing, staging, and production). This means SQL Lighthouse expects databases in the same environment to have the same schema, and lets you know if they don't.

    So in your setup, you'd have a project for each database in your application.

    You can see if databases in different environments are the same - just look at the schema name, under the database name. For example, if your development database's schema is deployed to the database in the testing environment, you'll see this as an update (in orange), and the schema names will be the same. Is that the kind of comparison you were after, or were you looking for something else?

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