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The health monitor constantly shows one unread alert that I cannot get cleared. It appears at the server level, but not on any of the instances. Any ideas on how to get this cleared out?


  • Thank you for your post

    We have logged a support ticket for you, and you should have received an email from me. Please can you reply to that with the requested information. Once we have figured out what is going on, I will try to remember to post here.
  • We aren't too sure what has gone wrong, but the following run against the RedGateMonitor database, seems to have solved it.

    1. Ensure all the alerts are marked as cleared in the Alert Inbox

    2. Run this query
    SELECT a.AlertId, a.AlertType, at.Name, a.[Read], a.SubType
    FROM alert.Alert a
    JOIN alert.Alert_Type at ON at.AlertType = a.AlertType
    WHERE [Read] = 0
    ORDER BY a.AlertId

    3. This should return the one alert that cannot be cleared. If more than one are returned, then it should be the oldest entry (with the low numerical Alert ID). Substitute the Alert ID from the results into the query below
    UPDATE [alert].[Alert]
    SET [Read] = 1
    WHERE AlertId = <alertId>
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