refactored and prefactored showing as diff, desp. ignore WS

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I have an object showing as different although it is not.

One version of the code has been altered with sql refactor, one has not.

Despite having the 'ignore whitespace' flag set, it appears to think there is a difference


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    Does SQL Compare show the object in the top comparison result pane under the heading 'x objects that exist in both but are different'?

    The differences in layout could well be shown in the bottom 'SQL Differences' pane, as this will show all textual differences. However, this shouldn't lead to the objects being shown in the top pane as being different. If the object is being shown in the top pane as having differences could you double check that it isn't in fact another 'real' difference that is causing this.

    If you're sure that it's the layout that is causing the object to be seen as different could you send me the sql creation script for the two objects, so that I can look into it?

    You can send the scripts to support@red-gate.com and quote reference: F0015858
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