Ignoring Identity property on column

BamajohnBamajohn Posts: 12
edited December 5, 2014 1:12PM in SQL Compare 11
I have a scenario where there is a remote server and a local server, both of which have staging tables for an ongoing invoice, policy, insured, etc., data import from one system into another. The remote server has tables with columns defined with IDENTITY(1, 1), and my local copy of these tables does not need the IDENTITY property on them, so I want SQL Compare 11.1 to ignore that when comparing and deploying, allowing me to just compare the remainder of the schema and update as needed when the source tables change (we are in the development phase).

I have checked the checkboxes under "Ignore" labeled "Identity seed and increment values" as well as "Identity property on columns" but refreshing the compare is still showing those fields with IDENTITY on them to be different.

Am I doing something wrong or is SQL Compare doing something wrong?


  • Apparently I was doing something wrong--when I went ahead and generated the update script and ran it, the subsequent compare worked and no longer showed differences. Sorry for the confusion.
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