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Source Control for Oracle

richardjmrichardjm Posts: 598
edited December 4, 2014 7:34AM in Source Control for Oracle
A monumental update to Source Control for Oracle is now available via "Check for updates" on the help menu or to download from the website.

NOTE: Downgrading to an older version of Source Control for Oracle will not work after installing this version (you will have to remove the %localappdata%Red GateSource Control for Oracle 2 folder to downgrade)

Source Control for Oracle
  • Refresh of projects over twice as fast
  • Updated underlying source control engine
  • TFS2013 client and server support
  • Schema Compare for Oracle options now available in Source Control (except "Ignore Storage")
  • For easy evaluation use internal "Evaluation repository"
  • Refresh progress visible in UI on commit and get latest tabs
  • Sort order maintained when refreshing (arrows still go missing)

Schema Compare Engine
  • Public Synonym support (on by default)
  • "Ignore storage" option support much improved
  • Failure to populate PL/SQL object text would not fail population, instead cause subsequent null value errors
  • Compression clause for different Oracle versions script correctly
  • Allow ; on end of synonym statement in file
  • Never attempt to drop SYS schema objects
  • Don't attempt to RECOMPILE nested tables or varrays
  • Column rename detection in combination with indexes scripted incorrectly
  • Column rename detection could incorrectly prioritize fuzzy matching over exact column names
  • Column rename detection in combination with a table rebuild was very broken
  • Materialized views no longer script hidden fields (OSC-415)
  • Materialized views on indexes depend on materialized view (OSC-415)
  • Materialized view logs depend on the materialized view (OSC-415)
  • Materialized views support CACHE clause
  • NOVALIDATE clause moved to after DEFERRABLE clause for constraints (OC-713)
  • Ignore external table in combination with table rebuild would fail to generate sync script (OC-681,OC-693)
  • Keywords as part of columns names in check constraints were incorrectly escaped (OSC-337)
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