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Cannot Start SmartAssembly

robbie84robbie84 Posts: 6
edited December 1, 2014 9:18AM in SmartAssembly

I pretty much gave up serious C++ type development and we are moving into C# and ASP.NET and that means security issues.

I know that there is nothing on this earth that can prevent people (not script kiddies) to get to your .NET code but I found that smartassembly is on good reputation and I saw it in action a few times.

However, after downloading the trial and installing, when I try to run smartassembly (via Menu shortcut) I get this:


I have everything needed to run it properly and I have used other Red Gate tools without any issues. I tried all I could and even google cannot find the answer.

I hope you can help me fix this fast.

PS: Error report has been sent.

Thank you,


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    IIRC I had that bug when I used a SQL-server on a different machine, with the address given as
    Instead, the address needs to be
    I.e. without the starting \. Since smartassembly is crashing on startup, you'll need to manually change it in the settings file in C:ProgramDataRed GateSmartAssembly.
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