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SQL Compare v11.1 released!

chengvoon.tongchengvoon.tong Posts: 31
edited November 26, 2014 12:16PM in SQL Compare 11
We're pleased to announce that SQL Compare v11.1.0.1 has been released! You can download the latest version from your current version of SQL Compare by clicking Help -> Check for Updates..., or alternatively you can get it from the Red Gate website.

The command line has a new switch, /empty2, which you can use as the target data source. This is useful if you want to use the SQL Packager 8 command line utility to generate a package that will create a new database.

Bug fixes
• SC-6805: fixed the issue where SQL Server reports back statistics as relational index
• SC-7563/7586: deploying from a Source Control repository or a source-controlled database no longer generates deployment script “SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL” statement which doesn’t contain the actual value (eg SERIALIZABLE)
• SC-7602: deployment script no longer includes objects that are excluded by filters
• SC-7603: registering a SQL Server 2000 database containing functions no longer causes InvalidCastException
• SC-7622: fixed the performance issue where registration of a database containing encrypted objects with the “Decrypt encrypted objects” option turned off takes too long
• SC-7634: loading a SQL Server Database Project no longer results in an exception
• ZD-29992: running a comparison involving a database containing encrypted objects from SQL Server Management Studio no longer causes “Cannot load the Backup Reader dll” error
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