SQL Doc fails to identify inter database dependencies

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SQL Doc identifies intra database dependencies, but fails to identify the cross database dependencies. Tables used in views, tables used in SPs, etc... nothing comes through.
I am using

Could swear that I was able to see those using a prior version when evaluating the product.

Any suggestion?


  • Hi,

    Are you launching SQL Doc by right clicking a database in SSMS and choosing the "Document [database]..." option? If so, then try launching SQL Doc independently via the Start menu in Windows. There is a bug in this version of SQL Doc that causes it to give incorrect dependency information when it is launched from the menu within SSMS.
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  • Robert,

    Thank you for your answer. I have tried using SQL Doc from the Win Start menu, with the same results.

    What is troublesome is that I have generated documentation during the selection process that identified the inter database dependencies properly. I have persisted that documentation and can definitely see that it was accurate. It fails to replicate that proper behavior now, no matter how I access the SQL Doc app.

    I'm using, the latest version, and the inability to retrieve inter database dependencies manifests against SQL 2008 R2 and SQL 2014 servers alike.
  • Would you be able to send me the create scripts for some of the problematic objects? If I can get a script for one of the objects in the main database and scripts for the things it references in the other database then that would help me replicate the behaviour you are experiencing.

    Email them to [email protected] and put #32849 in the subject line.

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  • Robert,

    Thank you for your answer. Rather than giving you scripts of current production objects, this gave me an troubleshooting idea.
    I will create a couple of test databases and cross db references with simple objects. If SQL Doc fails to identify dependencies, I will then be able to give you something fairly clean and straight forward.

    Thanks for the suggestion, I should have thought of doing that myself first and we can take it from there. I hope this fails, BTW :) the alternative would be unpalatable.
  • OK, I look forward to hearing the results :)
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  • Robert,

    I sent you an email with scripts and screen shots.

    My observations are that the SQL DOC UI will identify and show the intra db dependencies properly, but will NOT show the inter database dependencies.
    However, without any other input but clicking on "Generate documentation...", the resulting documentation WILL show both inter and intra db dependencies.
  • Hi Christophe,

    The behavior you're seeing is a known bug within our system (SDOC-1646). A possible workaround that seems to work for some customers is to launch the tool from the standalone executable instead of from SSMS.

    At this point, there's no timeline as to when this bug will be fixed. Please let us know if you have further questions or concerns.

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