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Changed passwords

the_minidudethe_minidude Posts: 4
edited November 26, 2014 7:04AM in SQL Multi Script
Hey, So we have started using Multi Script 1.1 for a lot of complex deployments on a regular basis. This makes life a lot easier and more efficient. However, utopia is about to be destroyed by our evil IT Security department. Basically, we have dozens of production servers and we save these in a complex array of distributions lists in Multi Script. This works well for us but the production servers are all going to have a regular automated password change on their databases for security reasons. I understand why we do this because of the nature of our industry.
What I'm hoping to find out, is there a way that the passwords can be automatically inserted into the Application.dat file in encrypted form? We have our passwords published on an internal server listing page. Every time the password changes this means we will have to go and update each registered server in Multi Script. This is a very manual process and means we might as well not use multi script.
so basically I'm asking, from our published password page, is there a way to automatically update multi script when the passwords change?


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