Deploying data changes where there are dependencies

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edited November 25, 2014 9:07AM in SQL Data Compare 11

I am in the middle of trialling the products in the toolbelt and am trying out SQL Compare and SQL data compare.

Love the SQL compare tool. Really helped me see differences between a production databse and a QA one. Now I'm trying to determine the data in one database comparing to one which is a bit older (i.e want to bring it up to date in a data perspective)

I am having trouble running the deploy because of tables which depend on others. Does this tool figure out which ones it should apply first. Eg Orders and Order items. Orders hould be synced first then order items, but because of alphabetics, OrderItems is attempted first then Orders. It really needs to determine which tables are at the bottom of the heirarchy and do those first and then traverse up the tree applying data updates along the way. I'm manually deploying 1 table at a time after determining which ones I can safely do first, then second and so on. (I used the dpendency tracker to help me work out the tree)

This could be a problem with 100's of tables.

Id there some setting I shuld use to make it work out the order in which it should apply the data updates and inserts etc.



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