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What is the Packager SDK, where is the template folder?

jbrownjbrown Posts: 20
In the help files and sample projects, on line here:

http://help.red-gate.com/help/SQLPackag ... frame.html

there is the following:

TemplateFolder = "C:\Program files\Red Gate\SQL Packager 5\SQL Packager Code Templates\c#"

1. This seems to suggest that in order to use the SDK to package a database, you need also separately purchase the SQL Packager. The templates are not included in the SDK and they reference a DLL that is also not part of the SDK. So is this two products, or one?

2. The SDK documentation covers the relationship between the SDK and the Schema and Data compare products quite well, but contains virtually no information about its relationship to the Packager. The stand-alone Packager allows you to generate a resx file that is part of a C# project and also lets you package SQL file. Does the SDK do something similar? Does it generate a resx file? Does it allow you to package an SQL file? There seems to be no information about it on the web site and no sample Packager projects shipped with the product.

Sorry for the frustration. But trying to get the SDK version of the product, which I was encouraged to buy instead of the standalone Packager, with which I was already familiar, the packager seems to me to be a sort of red-headed step-child in regard to the SDK.



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