IgnoreSquareBrackets Option Not Working

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I have the IgnoreSquareBrackets option set to true however, square brackets which have been removed from a stored proc are still being identified as a change when compared to the currently deployed object. When I originally set the IgnoreSquareBrackets option a while back, it functioned as intended. I'm not sure when it stopped functioning.

I am currently using version


  • Hello,

    Sorry for your issues with SQL Source Control. My guess would be that the option on the repository has gotten mismatched or overwritten. Try setting the option locally to false, check in the option change, set it back to true, check in this option change. If this happens with no error the feature should now work as intended. Thanks.
    Allen LeVan
    Red Gate Software
    US Product Support
  • I was having the same problem as Arcom and you solution fixed it right up. Thanks!
  • Hi Allen,

    I have followed your suggestion and changed <IgnoreSquareBrackets> to false, checked the change in and then set it back to true and checked in again without success. SSMS was also restarted between comparisons.

    I set the option by right-clicking the repository name in the Setup tab and selecting "Edit Comparison Options..." - I assume this is the correct place to change it.

    Do you have any other suggestions I can try?
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