Link static data is missing one table

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I currently use SQL Source-Control V3.7.5.328 with ~10 Databases.

For some of These Database I only have mapped the structure of the DB (Tables, Stored Procedures,...) to our Sourcecontrol (TFS 2010).
Here everything is fine.

For some other other Databases I have mapped the structure and the static data of nearly all Tables in that DB's.
Some tables cannot be mapped, because there is no Primary-Key (that's ok for us).

But there is one table where we have linked the static data, but my Management-Studio says it is not mapped.
I already tried to unlink and relink the DB, or to unlink, then delete the db and create a new one and link it to the TFS without success.
When I look at the "RedGateDatabaseInfo.xml" file the tablename is listed (in both, the Wokring Directory and the Transient Directory)

The strange Thing ist, that it works fine gor my collegue who is accessing the same TFS-Path for.
We use "dedicated database development" and both use the SSMS 2014.

Please help.


  • Hi,

    That sounds strange. I would first try upgrading to to see if that helps, as I know there has been some work done regarding TFS.

    If that doesn't fix it, send me the logfile and I'll take a look at it. You'll find the log in the %localappdata%Red GateLogsSQL Source Control 3 directory. Send it to [email protected] and if you put 32487 in the subject line, I'll be able to easily find it.

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  • csandcsand Posts: 6 Bronze 1
    Thanks für your advice. I updated to the latest version and that fixed the problem.
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