Checking for Updates fails to respond

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When checking for updates for SQL Multi Script via Help - Check for updates... the 'Check for Updates' screen just shows the spinning image and doesn't come back with a response. I've closed all instances of SQL Server, Visual Studio and Red-gate products.

The installation version I have is All other products in the SQL Toolbelt work correctly for 'Check for Updates'.

I'm investigating this issue in case it is related to an issue I have with Multi Script List Manager. I know Multi Script List Manager is an unsupported lab tool, but it was working previously within my team and now it doesn't. We're following the same steps from ... st_manager but the distribution lists are no longer being updated on other machines. When we load the .asmx on any of other machines we can see the distribution list contians the chagnes, but at the end of confirming you want to replace the distribution list it says '0 lists copied' and when we open SQL Multi Script the distribution lists have not been updated.

Any help would be appreciated.



  • I think the two issues are unrelated- check for updates is just a SOAP request to our server.
    Please check in the windows application event log- errors from such calls usually end up in there for us to debug.
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    I tried again and unfortunately there was nothing added to the Window Application Event Log.
  • Can you download fiddler2 please and run it while running 'check for updates'- fiddler2 will show SOAP/HTTP errors (in red).

    Could you post any http errors here.
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    Couldn't see any errors. Statistics returned:
    Request Count:   1
    Bytes Sent:      1,057		(headers:243; body:814)
    Bytes Received:  4,579		(headers:450; body:4,129)
    ClientConnected:	16:20:09.626
    ClientBeginRequest:	16:20:09.626
    GotRequestHeaders:	16:20:09.626
    ClientDoneRequest:	16:20:09.996
    Determine Gateway:	0ms
    DNS Lookup: 		0ms
    TCP/IP Connect:	0ms
    HTTPS Handshake:	0ms
    ServerConnected:	16:20:09.996
    FiddlerBeginRequest:	16:20:09.996
    ServerGotRequest:	16:20:09.996
    ServerBeginResponse:	16:20:09.996
    GotResponseHeaders:	16:20:09.996
    ServerDoneResponse:	16:20:09.996
    ClientBeginResponse:	16:20:09.996
    ClientDoneResponse:	16:20:09.996
    	Overall Elapsed:	00:00:00.3700000
    RESPONSE BYTES (by Content-Type)
    text/html: 4,129
    ~headers~: 450
    The following are VERY rough estimates of download times when hitting servers based in Seattle.
    US West Coast (Modem - 6KB/sec)
    	RTT:		0.10s
    	Elapsed:	0.10s
    Japan / Northern Europe (Modem)
    	RTT:		0.15s
    	Elapsed:	0.15s
    China (Modem)
    	RTT:		0.45s
    	Elapsed:	0.45s
    US West Coast (DSL - 30KB/sec)
    	RTT:		0.10s
    	Elapsed:	0.10s
    Japan / Northern Europe (DSL)
    	RTT:		0.15s
    	Elapsed:	0.15s
    China (DSL)
    	RTT:		0.45s
    	Elapsed:	0.45s
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