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Syntax error in generated Javascript

dvivashdvivash Posts: 2
edited November 19, 2014 2:05PM in SQL Doc
We have some users / schemas in our database with a name in the format "DOMAINUSERNAME". When this gets output into javascript, the backslash isn't escaped, which sort of works in most cases, but where we have a username portion that starts with an X, for example "DOMAINXUSER", this is a syntax error in Javascript, which causes the treeview in the html to not work (the browsers can't parse the javascript).
Currently we can work round this by excluding these users & schemas from the project so they don't get output, but ideally SQL Doc would escape the backslashes in its output.


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    Thanks for your inquiry!
    I have created a ticket for you, and would like to take this situation offline for further troubleshooting.
    I will contact you through the ticket for next steps.

    Thanks for your time!

    Ricky Ram
    Technical Support
    Red Gate Software Ltd.
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