how to track performance of 1 particular stored procedure

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HI all,

I am trialling SQL monitor 4 and would like to know if it is possible to obtain statistics about 1 particular stored procedure. Also, as it happens, we had a major event yesterday when something cause a pile of blocking/locking occurrances. When I look at the first occurrence, the blocked process SQLcode was the same as the Blocked process SQL code. Now, we suspect a particular stored proc but I can't seem to prove it because it's not turning up as a blocking process. MInd you it's hard to trawl through all the alerts, there were a few hundred. Is there a way to search the process info in the alerts?

Loving the tool and about to purchase I think but curious about how far it can help me when searching for a particular incident.

Anyone goy any clues



  • Thank you for your post.

    We are planning to implement some better functionality for collating multiple alerts in the way that you are looking for. This work is on the teams roadmap, however, I cannot yet say when this will be worked on, I'm sorry to say.
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