SQL Backup 7 - Log backup is hun

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I have a Log Backup job for the msdb database that seems to be hung.

When I check the Activity monitor there are multiple processes for SQBCoreServices.exe listed, and the Task State is Suspended, and the Wait Type is LCK_M_U.

I attempted to restart the SQL Server Agent as well as disabling and enabling the job, but it appears that all that does is create another process.

How to I resolve this obviously failed backup job, and remove the suspended jobs?

Any assistance is appreciated.

Linda Cain


  • I was able to resolve this myself.

    After doing some additional research I found some information that said when a Redgate job get hung was to stop and start the SQL Backup Agent.

    Once I had stop and started to agent, the jobs hung in the a Suspended state dropped and were removed the In Progress tab in the GUI.

    You would think that moderators of this forum would have been able to point me in this direction.
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