Excluding processes from alert - REGEX question

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Not that good when it comes ti using REGEX. I would like to exclude completely any "Long Running Query" alerts if the process name is "Database Mail - Database Mail" as in the example. I've created a regex but does not seem to work. Any ideas?

^(?=DatabaseMail - DatabaseMail - Id)


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    I am no regex master either, but I do something similar to remove any alerts for long running backups...to do so, I entered the following [BACKUP], and it works for me. You might try something similar...like [Database Mail]. This should remove anything what that name from the alerts.

    Hope this helps.
    Brian Jenkins
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    So just [Backup], no quotes or any other regex characters?
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    The more simple the regular expression the better. If you select the blue '?' next to the field it gives you some examples, including [Bb]ackup which will match both 'backup' and 'Backup'. There is also two links to some help there.
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