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Problems with Intellisense when connected to AzureSQL

amSteveamSteve Posts: 5 New member
edited November 11, 2014 7:32AM in SQL Prompt
I'm seeing a consistent behavior that I can't trigger by a specific action but when connected to an AzureSQL db, the object names of the db cease to be offered via intellisense. Specifically, when I open the program all objects known to the server are presented but after some amount of time only built-in object are offered.

For example, if i type up to:

I'm seeing all the matched object names - WebUser e.g. Eventually, only built-in 'short-cut' or native objects are offered. E.G. cu 'Create Database User' will still show up but 'WebUser' won't. I'm pretty sure each of my SSMS sessions will eventually fall to this behavior and stay that way until i close and re-open. I don't know how long of duration is required before the condition is triggered.

It would be nice if this didn't happen.



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    Hi amSteve,

    I'm very sorry you're having problems With SQL Prompt!

    The next time you see this issue, could you look through the error log and see if there are any warnings or errors? The log can be found using the menu item under SQL Prompt > Help > Show Log.

    Do you have the experimental feature Auto Refresh turned on?

    Best regards,

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