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Command line /Include /Exclude switches

andrew.nowakandrew.nowak Posts: 7
edited November 21, 2014 5:48PM in SQL Compare 11
Hi, I have a couple concerns regarding the /include and /exclude command line switches.

Firstly, I would like to be able to combine /include and /exclude. The documentation explicit says that this cannot be done ("You can't use /exclude with the /include and /project switches."), however, the command line client /help reports "If an object is matched by both an include and exclude rule then the exclude rule takes precedence. Note also that if an object has been explicitly included in the project file it will be included in the comparison even if no include rule matches it, unless it is excluded by an exclude rule." This seems to be conflicting information. From a quick glance at the past documentation, it looks like as of SQL Compare 7, combining /include and /exclude was referenced in the documentation, however, this is not present in the SQL Compare 8 documentation. Can I get clarification if and why this feature was removed?

Secondly, /include:all seems to be absent from the command line options in SQL Compare 11, and this doesn't appear to be documented in the release notes. Was this intentionally removed?

Thanks for the help!


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    Thanks for your inquiry!
    We have created a ticket for you for this situation, and would like to take it offline for additional troubleshooting.

    I will be contacting you through the ticket via the email address associated with your forum account.

    Thanks for your time!

    Ricky Ram
    Technical Support
    Red Gate Software Ltd.
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