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Index rebuild failed

thedavegraythedavegray Posts: 18
edited November 12, 2014 11:33AM in SQL Index Manager
Just ran the RG Index Manager online but if failed, there's no clue as to why it failed. Anyone tell me where to look?


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    I'm sorry for the delay in replying.

    If you right-click on the tools title bar, you should see the option "Minimum Logging Levels: (no logging) ...". Select this and then select "Verbose". Unfortunately you will then need to reproduce the problem that you had before, but it should log the activity. Once you have reproduced the problem either select "Locate Log files..." or "Open current log file...". Please feel free to email support@red-gate.com with the log file and quoting this forum post.
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    Ok, set it to verbose. If it fails again I will see what the log says and post here if necessary.
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    The log file is likely to be too ungainly to be posted here. Please email support@red-gate.com with the log file and quote this forum post.
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