Is SQL Server Express Really Not Supported?

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In our current environment we are looking into cost-effective ways to implement a dedicated isolated development environment.

I see in the SC documentation taken from ... quirements
SQL Source Control doesn't support SQL Server 2000, SQL Express, SQL Azure or SSMS Express.

I have targeted our development environment's SQL Server (2008 R2 Standard Edition) as the start of the repository, and checked in all the tables after linking to SVN. I asked another user to see if they could connect to the SVN repo and make minor changes and watch the behavior.

Everything worked, from the initial GET LATEST to making the change and pushing it back up to the central repository. In our example we modified a stored procedure. Then I noticed that the tester was using a local instance of SQL Express 2008 R2.

So when I read the "not supported under SQL Express", what does that mean exactly?


  • Hello,

    "Not Supported" means everything from it completely will not work to there are no guarantees on what will and won't work. You're tester may not have ran into any issues up to this point but the repository could be corrupted or issues could start happening. Any issues happening with a "non supported" environment cannot be supported by Red Gate Product Support as well.
    Allen LeVan
    Red Gate Software
    US Product Support
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