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Sql 2014 Object Level Recovery

old_blackberryold_blackberry Posts: 2
edited November 5, 2014 9:40AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions

I am evaluating Sql Backup Pro being a user of some of the other Redgate Db products. We have a setup with Sql 2014 and the db I am working with is compatability level 110.

If I try and use the object level recovery, then after I select the source in the wizard it starts reading it and at about 9% crashes with the message "Error reading backup objects: Unknown database compatability version '110'"

Does this feature only work with 120 databases or is this a bug?



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    Unfortunately Object Level Recovery currently does not work properly with SQL 2012 databases. There is an existing feature request on our system to fix this, with reference SB-5402. I've added this forum post to the feature request.

    Apologies for this.
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