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SQLCI now supports excluding default options

priyasinhapriyasinha Posts: 548 Silver 1
edited November 4, 2014 9:51AM in SQL CI 2
We are excited to release SQL CI version

This release contains an enhancement to the SQL CI command line.
You can now exclude default SQL Compare command line options from the SQL CI build, sync and test steps. The default options are:
• DecryptPost2KEncryptedObjects
• IgnoreFillFactor
• IgnoreWhiteSpace
• IncludeDependencies
• IgnoreFileGroups
• IgnoreUserProperties
• IgnoreWithElementOrder
• IgnoreDatabaseAndServerName
The sync step also includes the IgnoretSQLt option.

For more information, see release notes.

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Priya Sinha
Project Manager
Red Gate Software
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