Compare tables with only 1 column/row

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I have some tables which only contains the last processed id of another table. Is it possible to compare it with SQL Data Compare?


I cant set a comparision key, because then it would duplicate my data, which is not useful.

I know, that i can create a column with PK and identity, but i don't want to change my database only due to comparison reasons.


  • Hi,

    When you are selecting the comparison key in "Tables and Views", choose "Custom" from the dropdown box and then pick LastProcessedDataRowid from the list. This will perform the comparison using LastProcessedDataRowid instead of a primary key.

    Does this help?
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  • Thank you, that's the solution.

    I thought that it would keep the value in the target db and insert the value from the source, but the result is only the value from the source db, which is excactly what I wanted.
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