Long Running Queries - Exclude certain procedure names

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I am trying to configure our RedGate Monitor to ignore specific store procedures when it comes to monitoring for any long running queries. The way we ship our software contains our "Standard" or "Core" database procedures, but then our consultant team can customize or create new custom stored procedures for our clients to meet any specific needs they might have. As a company standard, consultants name any custom database objects prefixed with a "c" (for custom). For example, custom tables would be "ctbl_", custom stored procedures would be "cusp_" and custom functions would be "cudf_".

When it comes to monitoring for long running queries, I am only interested in monitoring performance on the "standard" procedures, so, I want to exclude all the "cusp" query names. I have tried the following in the exclusion box ("Exclude queries that contain SQL commands or objects matching the following regular expressions:") but have not had any luck.


Any ideas why this might not be working as expected? I am not super familiar with RegEx...

Thanks for the help.
Brian Jenkins


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