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I'm new to SSC. Up until now we have been using a .dbproj to manage our database changes. One feature we depend on with the dbproj is the ability to run a Post Deployment script that is in essence a sqlcmd job. Let me explain:

We generate hundreds of stored procedures for our database. Those SPs are generated into separate .sql files, one per table. We check those files into our current source control repo (git). When the database gets updated we need those files to be run as part of the process that creates/updates the database. After a table changes we regenerate the scripts for that purpose.

I looked at migration scripts but cannot figure how get one to behave as a sqlcmd job. How can we have these scripts executed from within the create/update process that SSC goes through?

We are using the V2 migrations scripts.


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  • Hi!

    Thanks for your inquiry!
    This post looks to be essentially the same question listed in forums post:

    As mentioned in the other post, I will address your question via the case opened for you for the aforementioned forum post.

    Thanks for your time!

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  • Hi Ricky,

    Yes this is a duplicate and you may mark it as such. I have replied to the support ticket attached to the other posting.


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