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I'm new here.
I wanted to see if there is a tool to keep database B uptodate as yesterday from database A with out dropping database B, backup database A to a file and create a new database B from that backup copy.

Doe the SQL compare can it keep two database uptoday where the B database is as of yesterday since is my copy database from the live version? maybe run this routine once a day?

the way I'm doing this today where I back up to a file and restoring that to a new database from that file is taking a lot of resources.

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  • Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for your post.

    SQL Compare can compare the schema of two databases and generate a script that will synchronize the target database to the source. For example, if you add a table to the source database, then run SQL Compare, it will generate a script with a "CREATE TABLE" statement you can run on the target.

    It sounds like SQL Data Compare might be more what you're looking for -- this will look at the data within tables or views and compare that. So if your source table gets 30 rows added to it before you run SQL Data Compare, it will generate a script with 30 "INSERT" statements to run on the target. You can also do all of this from the command line, so you can schedule it for whenever you need.

    That being said, it's not guaranteed to be faster than doing a backup and restore, because it can get decently expensive to look through every row in each of the tables you're comparing. I'd suggest doing some testing with our two week free trial.

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  • My problem is a bit different from yours but it will surely help others...!

    When I was stuck at similar situation, where I need to protect my Access database from being copied by any third user. At that point of time I have used the following solutions:

    • Change User Permission In Access Database

    • Anonymize non-productive databases

    • Password Protect Your Access Database Front-End 

    • Distribute a Compiled FE to your End-Users

    • Hide The Navigation Pane

    To know how to execute all these fixes read this helpful post: Top 10 Way To Protect Access Database From Copying

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