C Drive runs out of space

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Hi all,
Its my first time i am using this tool and having an issue while doing the data compare.
What i am doing is comparing almost a 100G size source database with the empty destination database and after that i want to export all the data to the destination.
But every time i am running this C drive runs out of space and compare just stops in the middle.
SQL Database is in Simple recovery mode and logs are not in the C drive, Data and Log files both are in separate drive.
Its the temp folder location for the RedGate (C:Documents and SettingsUsernameLocal SettingsTemp1Red Gate).
I might be doing a really silly comparison but is there any another way to get around this out of space issue or i have to provide more storage to the C drive?
Space is not a issue but just exercising my options.


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    There's no getting away from needing a lot of space in this case. The best I can offer is that you change the system environment variable RGTEMP to point to any directory (even on another drive) where you can be confident of having lots and lots of space.
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    I have the same problem. I run out of disk space as well.

    I have ticked the "Compress Temporary files" option (http://documentation.red-gate.com/display/SDC10/Setting+project+options) and I have estimated that SQL Data Compare requires around 10GB for 1M rows with that option enabled. I have an external 1TB USB drive to which I have pointed the environment variable "RGTEMP" as suggested here: http://documentation.red-gate.com/display/SDC10/Improving+the+performance+of+SQL+Data+Compare.

    I have 900MB available but SQL Data Compare still runs out of disk space when I try to deploy a single table of 5M rows. My available space should be enough if my assumptions are correct. I can see that the temp files are stored on this drive so I know that SQL Data Compare respects the RGTEMP variable.

    What does SQL Data Compare consider a large or a very large database ?

    How can I estimate the space that SQL Data Compare requires?
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