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Hi RG,

I'm using the teamcity plugin (SQL CI Build) to build and package my database from source. The only small issue is that the nuget package is placed in the root of the working directory, whereas I have a build directory like :

- Build
- Installers
- Packages
- Reports

At the moment the package is dropped at the same level as the buildartefact directory, but it ideally needs to be under Buildartefacts/Packages.

I can probably achieve this with an additional build step after that moves the file around, but it would be much neater if I can achieve this in the runner setup.

Is this possible ?



  • Hi Jon,

    We store the package in the current directory so the subsequent SQLCI Test and Sync steps know where the artifact is by default. This was done in an attempt to minimize the amount of setup and configuration a user may have to do.

    A workaround for this would be to use the SQLCI command line directly for the build step and specify the /outputFolder option to move around the package.

    I hope this helps.


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