Analysis Graph Flashes No Data FOund BUt Data Is There

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When I go to the Analysis tab and specify a range when data was collected and is for a SQL Server instance we no longer are monitoring (and no longer exists) but for which there is data stored in the DB used by SQL Monitor, I see the metrics data flash on the screen in less then a second before being replaced with a blank graph and the message NO DATA FOUND. Luckily the flash is up long enough that a hit of the PRINT SCREEN button can capture it so I do have a way to get the info if I am quick enough.

At first I thought maybe this was a licensing thing and that since this SQL Instance was no longer monitored its data would not be accessible in the ANALYSIS tab but if I select the metric Machine Processing Time I get the data. Its only certain metrics that this happens and they are Disk Avg Read time & Disk Avg Write Time.

Because I can get a screenshot of the data before its replaced with the NO DATA FOUND msg I have proof that there is data there. Anyone have any ideas on why this happens, why SQL monitor does not want me to see the data collected for these 2 metrics for a no longer monitored SQL Instance?

ATTN RedGate Supoport: If you need to see the screenshot for proof that there is data there I am happy to send it. I am trying to compare metrics for our old SQL Server to our new one and I have to do it one screen at a time and get screenshots since the data keeps disappearing from the screen.


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    I'm sorry for the delay in replying to your post.

    I believe that you have encountered a bug with SQL Monitor. This is a use case that the development team never considered and so it is only recently that we started looking at it. Unfortunately, it does mean that I cannot give you any timescales on when we might be able to address it and release any fixes (if appropriate).
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