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A few questions while evaluating

qeversqevers Posts: 2
edited October 22, 2014 8:57AM in Source Control for Oracle
I'm currently evaluating the oracle tool Schema Compare and Source Control for deployment of database changes. I have a few questions.
  • Our database consists of 30-ish schemas. Each of our subsystems uses its own schema. These schemas have dependencies so following the advice of the wizard, I've created a project in Source Control with all of the schemas. Every now and then (maybe once a year or so) we add a subsystem so we need to add a schema to the project. However, I can't find a way to add a schema to an existing project. I've tried just adding it to version control (TFS) but that doesn't add it to the Source Control project. Even hacking a new SchemaInformation.xml in version control doesn't add it to the project. What should I do to add a schema to an existing project?
  • Is there a way to exclude certain tables (pref. by mask, reg. expr., or something like that) from the comparison? Our DBA department sometimes adds tables that our software knows nothing about. We don't want to add these (mostly temporary) tables to version control, but if we don't, Source Control will drop those tables on the next deployment. Off course, these tables can (should?) be created in other schemas, but at this moment they're not.
  • Is it possible to add multiple schemas easily in Schema Compare? I only found a way to add one schema at a time, which is not very user friendly when adding 30-ish schemas. Granted, it shouldn't happen too often, but it would still be nice.


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    Not seen this before, we had an alerting system on our forums but since we updated that may not be functioning.

    - Sadly at the moment you can't edit projects in Source Control for Oracle, it's high on our requests but other things (like git support) are winning that battle
    - Yes :) the latest version now has object filtering, accessible via right-click on the project in Source Control for Oracle, we're also putting the finishing touches to a beta of the command line tool which will obey these filters when deploying so they aren't dropped
    - You can't add multiple schemas from the UI easily, although if you use the command line it's very easy. Are you attempting to add (e.g. .*_DEV -> .*_LIVE) or some such regular expression schema mapping?
    Richard Mitchell
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