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Running SQL Compare command line from TFS

jeljeljel2jeljeljel2 Posts: 4 Bronze 1
edited October 13, 2014 5:43PM in SQL Compare 11
I am using SQL Compare 10 command line to run a process initiated from a custom TFS activity. The process fails with an exit code of 70, and I am unable to determine the cause of the issue. I would appreciate someone's help with this. Details of what I have done to this point follow.

Here is the xml config I am using. When I use this same xml config from the command line while logged into the server, it creates the snapshot as expected.

I am able to capture the std output that results from the sqlcompare.exe process invoked by the custom TFS activity. The output of this is captured in the TFS log as seen below. You can see SQL Compare runs as it reports to the log file it is running under a trial license. But then the exit code is simply 70. Also, SQL Compare is creating a log file as instructed, but it is zero bytes.
StandardOutput = SQL Compare: in trial, expires 10/17/2014 6:42:06 PM Automation License: in trial, expires 10/17/2014 6:42:06 PM SQL Compare Command Line V10.7.0.18 ============================================================================== Copyright c Red Gate Software Ltd 1999-2014 
ExitCode = 70

Error code 70 is described at the red-gate url as...

70 - An unhandled exception occurred
See the log for more details.

The log file is 0 bytes, and is locked (not sure what has it locked, but I can't delete it). There is nothing in the Application event log.

To test further, I wanted to see if the same custom TFS activity could successfully invoke a simple console app I created that outputs to std output and logs to the Application event log. My simple console app, invoked from the custom TFS activity, ran perfectly and logged to the Application event log so I know the TFS activity isn't the issue.

Can someone help me understand why the SQL Compare command line is failing here? I am getting no error logging other than an exit code of 70.



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    I figured out the issue. I had a connection issue to the SQL server (invalid credentials). I had to guess at the error b/c the exception was not logged anywhere. However, if you force the issue and run via command line, the exception appears in the console output. I have opened an issue with RG to fix this issue. The log file should get the exception as well.
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