Access to path denied message when creating scripts

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I am trying to create a Scripts folder:
- Click on Create Schema Scripts
- Click on Script creation options
- Deselect User, Role and Extended Properties
- Click on Create Scripts Folder

The generator then runs for a few seconds, ticks "Saving scripts from a database" then errors on "Save scripts to folder"

The folder is on a Share that I can access and there are a few files and folders there. But it is not the full set of files.

The message "Access to the path "C:UK_LDC-G-Development.sql" is denied. This is strange is several ways. It is a Citrix session so I am not supposed to be able to access C:. The scripts folder is on a different server. Some of my colleagues have seen this message and been unable to resolve it. UK_LDC-G-Development is the Security Group that my user belongs to.

Any thoughts on what the issue might be and why it is trying to write a file to the root of C: at this point ?
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