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dll public properties not appearing in UI

onnbonnb Posts: 4
edited October 2, 2014 12:56PM in SmartAssembly

I am currently evaluating sa to replace an existing obfuscation tool that we have been using.
We need to obfuscate a 3.5 assembly dll that integrates with a parent app/product. So my dll is a 3rd party that integrates via an api. The hosting app is a commercial product so I have little info on its internals.

The specific issue I have right now is this: I am initially using sa with default settings and working my way up trying to find how much I can obfuscate and still have it work with the parent app. I created a dll that has no public properties and it works ok. I then added a public property. This property is supposed to be seen in the hosting application UI and it doesn't.

Any ideas?
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