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Installation and Activation

pgscannellpgscannell Posts: 5
edited October 30, 2014 12:38PM in .NET Reflector Previous Versions
I had a registered version of .NET Reflector 6. I installed the Visual Studio add-on yesterday but it didn't have the same capability that my co-worker's had. I then realized that she had version 7 of reflector. This morning I went to REDGATE and downloaded the new 8.3 version of reflector.

I have two problems:
1. As a part of the installation was the inclusion of the Visual Studio add-on, but that installation failed for some reason. (Maybe because I had one already installed -- but not the right one?)
2. I went in to activate the .NET Reflector 8 using the serial number we have, and I got a popup saying that I have exceeded the number of licenses. (wouldn't my old registration carry over to the 8.3 activation?)

There should be a way to resolve this I would think.

Thanks in advance,


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