Deployment Manager is being retired

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Thanks for heading to the support forum for Deployment Manager, and sorry if this wasn't what you were expecting to find.

As part of our new focus on Database Lifecycle Management, we've decided to retire Deployment Manager.

Rather than building our own release management tool, we're going to focus on new tools to help you deploy your databases, and partner with other release management companies.

We think Octopus Deploy is the best release management tool out there, so we've invested in Octopus and are working with them as partners. We recommend it as a replacement for Deployment Manager, and we'll do everything we can to help you change over.

For more detail on what to do next if you're using Deployment Manager, please visit the Red Gate website:
You can also find more information on our documentation site:

This forum is now locked and cannot be posted to or updated, but if you have a query that is not answered by the links above, please email our support team ([email protected]) and they'll get back to you with details of how we can help and what to do next.
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