Deploying an Empty Directory

TimVerversTimVervers Posts: 13 New member
edited October 1, 2014 6:12AM in Deployment Manager

Is there a way to upload a package that includes a single Empty Directory. I would like to add an empty directory next to my Web application to save attachments to that empty folder. But i get the following error during the creating of the nuget package :
Validating package...
[Warning] Warning:
[Warning] The package source you specified will result in a package which will just copy the files to the target machine. If you want Deployment Manager to perform another action on deployment, include a PowerShell script, or the web.config for an IIS application.
[Error] Error:
[Error] The package source you specified will result in an empty package.
Unable to create package because validation errors occurred.

I understand the warning, but i would like to bypass the error. Any ideas?


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